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not all monsters do monstrous things
small talk

young justice. traught. 2800+ words. nc-17. five year gap.

A/N: Unbeta’d! This was intended to be a little less porn-y, but it took a turn south and went straight for frottage. I have have no regrets. :D ao3.

Artemis would make some stars of her own.

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Hey, how are you?

Haha, you put the fool in April. Sorry, I missed you. Leave a message.

It wasn’t perfect. There was still something off about levity in his tone. But it would do. He didn’t want to rain on the parade. Other people got a kick out of April Fools’ Day. But for him? It was a little more like April Fools’ kicked him in the gut, leaving him ugly and raw and empty.

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recovery time

young justice. gen. 2700+ words. pg-13. post series.

A/N: Thank you to the marvelous Annica for beta’ing at odd hours of the night. Babe, I love you. I say “gen” even though I wrote this tilting my head and squinting for traught. The only reason for the pg-13 is swearing. And who fucking cares about that?

Artemis copes. Dick doesn’t.

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another round of the name game?

groaned the wallace. quoth the robin “nevermore.”

alternatively known as a high school au.

rating: artemis flips him off
characters: s1 team
words: 1300+

((based loosely on this picture by nightwank. written to get myself out of a funk. it’s gonna remain a oneshot since i’m so undermodivated as a writer, but if YOU know of any highschool aus, send me the link. otherwise i might have to write it myself.))


At least they haven’t met the Terror Twins yet. Those two are the unquestioned rulers of the school. Urban legends of the Twins’ misdeeds have trickled down to the local middleschools in the area, horrific tales that make an atomic wedgie seem like nothing at all. But, hey, this is just orientation.

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yj fic; prior knowledge

young justice. pre-timkon. 1000+ words. pg. post “true colors”.

A/N: i am so done with the lack of timkon on this show, so i wrote my own. tied in with the latest episode: true colors. unbeta’d as per always.

Tim knows a guy in Smallville.


"Nightwing’s not answering his comm," Tim was visibly distressed. They needed a safe house. And they couldn’t go back to their… new and improved HQ; protocols stipulated that bringing Green Beetle, no matter how helpful he had been, was just plain unnacceptable. And Tim’s mission had deviated too much from it’s parameters already. No need to magnify the aftermath.

"How’s about Mal? Bumblebee?” Bart began rattling off names of team members, with an obvious lack of foresight. Tim could name eight reasons per name as to why they couldn’t provide a safe house. “Miss M, Gar, Atom, Superboy, La’gaan, Wonder G-?”


"Call: Superboy," Tim tapped the comm-piece. It rang four times.

"-irl, Batgirl, Zatanna, Captain Ma-"

Okay, ese, we get the picture.”

"Yeesh, fine… So is there an inflight movie on this thing or what?

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afigureofspeech replied to your post: i am actually the lovechild of richard grayson and…

Where’s that officer!Dick/lawyer!Artemis fic amirite

i swear to god

"I’m due back in the courtroom in five minutes, Officer," Artemis frowned down at the proffered coffee, but she accepted it, which Dick took as good sign. She even sipped at it, eyes widening as the two-sugars and an extra shot of latte hit her tongue. So what if he asked the barista what her beverage of choice was? It wasn’t against the law. And he should know. He was the rookie on the force, but he’d enthusiastically learned the handbook backward (much to Zatanna’s dismay).

Same with Artemis’s background check (it was a misuse of his resources, but worth it). She was an attractive twenty seven year old with a juvenile record. But she was righting any wrongs with a vengence, taking on civil cases and defending single moms and scrawny teens. Fighting for the little guy. An idealist. And a fiery one, at that.

He hadn’t needed a background check to confirm that.

When he’d first met her, she was chasing down a would be purse thief in goddamn heels. By the time Dick got the man in ‘cuffs, she’d left some stiletto-shapped bruises on the guy. And when Dick cautioned her against excessive force, she’d given him the sharpest, narrow-eyed smile in five states and said in a girly falsetto, “But officer, it was self defense!” And it held up in court, surprisingly. Guy got five years and assigned community service.

He’d been building up to take her out ever since.

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no but all i want is a traught au where artemis is gotham’s girl wonder born and raised in the circus and dick is the team’s archer with a shady past and nothing to prove


"I can see the family resemblance," Robin smirked, casually tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"He’s adopted," Wally explained with all the bluster of a summer storm. The new guy shot him a look. 

He had nice eyes. The new guy, not Wally (although Robin could sometimes admit that Wally was an attractive male specimen, but only under extreme duress). New guy, “Apollo” was GA’s newest sidekick, and apparently Ollie’s nephew. Adopted nephew. But he had the physique of a god, so at least the name fit.

"I was thinking of calling myself ‘Richard the Lionheart,’" Apollo spoke into the sudden silence, pushing awkwardly at his dark bangs. "But it was too long and didn’t quite fit the archery theme."

"I’m sure this old Robin Hood would’ve been honored to run with Lionheart," Ollie clapped his new protege on the back, mustache twitching up in a big smile. Miss Martian smiled politely, clearly missing the reference. Although, he didn’t seem to mind the lack of response, as he chortled at his own joke. Apollo winced slightly, wilting as Ollie’s laughter boomed around the Entrance Bay.

Wally snickered into his hand, worrying his lip before giving into to whatever immature urge crossed his mind. “Isn’t Richard short for Dick?" he asked gleefully. Artemis rolled her eyes skyward from behind her lenses, praying for patience.

"Forgive Ms. Manners," Artemis stepped forward, the compartments of her belt chinking slightly as she shifted position, bracing her hands on her hips. "I wish I could say he grows on you… but,” she smiled at Apollo as Wally spluttered.

The archer’s eyes flickered to Wally, softening very, very subtly. Artemis bet she’d of missed the change if it weren’t for Bruce’s relentless training. Her curiosity piqued, and she mentally filed it away for later.

"I’ll manage," Apollo said, shrugging a shoulder. Artemis could suddenly appreciate his sleeveless tunic a lot more. He had a really nice… well, everything, now that she really looked at him. Especially dat ass. Thank God for her white-out lenses. Before he could get suspicious, she lifted her eyes to his again, canting her head. They were blue. Like blue jays and blue skies and blue waters. Just blue. He squirmed slightly under her scrutiny, shuffling his boots. Then, hesitantly, he smiled. It was a tiny upturn to the corner of his lips, but it made Artemis smile in return. “After all,” he added, looking down, then glancing up at her through thick lashes, “I’m here to stay.”


Imagine Person A overhearing Person B singing in the shower and sitting by the door to listen.

When Dick steps out of the shower, Artemis is leaning on the doorframe. He tenses slightly, a little more than self conscious at her shameless sightseeing trip up and down his body. Their relationship is fairly new, but Artemis seems intent on barreling forward. Maybe she figures she’ll scare him off earlier or that she can’t keep him so she might as well enjoy him while she has him.

Dick has no intention of either, but it’ll take time and subtly to drive that point home to Artemis. In the meantime, he wrapped a towel securely around his waist and folded his arms across his chest. There wasn’t any real malice in his stance, he simply scrutinized right back at her.

Artemis was wearing an oversized t-shirt, a well-worn gag gift from Dick that said “I love you like pi”. And possibly nothing else, not that Dick was going to dwell on that particular line of thought. He forced himself to look at her face. Away from. There.

She was appreciating his bare chest, etched with a variety of scars, with a fond little smirk playing around her mouth and sparkling in her eyes. Slowly, her eyes skated upward, dragging, pulling, tugging until she met his gaze. Dick felt himself flush slightly, but stood firm, trying not to think about how ok he’d be with her eating him.

And like hell, if that didn’t invoke vivid images in his ferile mind. Images of Artemis kneeling down, hooking her fingers beneath his towel and yanking it away. Oh God-.

"I knew you liked One Direction.”

Artemis had a full blown smirk now.

He blinked rapidly. “What?” One Direction… was a boy band…

"What you were singing in the shower, geekbait," Artemis clarified knowingly, tapping her nose. "You are such a tween girl sometimes, Dick."

She turned and waltzed out of the bathroom, humming a few bars of Beautiful Soul as she deliberately swung her hips.

Dick’s mouth pursed, like he had bitten a lemon. He was fighting to keep his indignation down, keep the words from busting out of his chest.

He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t abandon Artemis to her pop culture depravity.

"That wasn’t One Direction!" he hollered down the hallway, gripping the doorframe for support. "That was Jesse McCartney!

From the kitchen, Artemis laughed. And Dick was heartened by the sound. Correcting Artemis on the finer points of pop artists may not completely resolve her doubts about their new life together, but it was a step. And he’d take a thousand steps for her.

yj fic; confessional

warnings? nope. well. maybe. idk.
summary? #no one hates dick grayson more than dick grayson

posted by special request from my babyspoon. i’m going to deny that this ever happened because i’m a rustbucket when it comes to writing. i don’t even know when i was not-rusty, writing-wise. blarg.



He kept moving. He wasn’t thirteen anymore.

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afigureofshrieks replied to your photo: hApPy HaLlOwEeN!
….Damn I want to write that shit but where do I staaaaaaaaaaart


uhm we start by opening with Dick Grayson sitting listlessly on the Bioship. Except he’s Robin. Except he has the exact same healthy pitter patter in his veins as Dick Grayson- and- what? What? 

Artemis rubs her knuckles over her eyes. She’s definitely got bags under her eyes, wow she must be a dream. Speaking of dreams, a burst of sensation explodes in her mind’s eye like a flower blooming in fast motion. She remembers vague impressions. All poignant. All intriguing. Smooth skin, dim lights, and that pitter patter thundering in her ears.

She licks her lips.

Then freezes, staring at the nape of Dic- no Robin’s!- neck. 

And then that damnable Twilight book (okay, yes she read it, everyone had that phase, okay?) panned across her forethoughts in bold italics. 

"There was a part of him- and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be- that thirsted for my blood.”

Except, sub in “him” for “Artemis” and “my” for “Robin’s”.

Somehow, she had managed to land herself the role of a sparkling, constipated piece of manmeat in this screwy teenage dream of a life. But optimistically, at least she wasn’t the moron who got to sip blood through a bendy straw.